It is a unique approach to read the universe ... ...like an elegant book. It is a new way of understanding science... ...to strengthen your belief and establish sound character.
In the first dimension, Analytical Thinking, we explore renewable and non-renewable forms of energy and their multiple uses. We also learn about the Law of Conservation of Energy which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed and discover how the Earth’s living and non-living systems are all connected in one way or another. Next, in the second dimension, Analogical Thinking, we reflect on biomimicry- a method that attempts to solve human problems by copying or adapting methods from nature. We explore Artificial Photosynthesis- the human attempt to recreate the process in which plants convert solar energy into chemical energy- as well as Grid Swarm Technology- a clean energy tech innovation inspired by observing the social behavior of bees that are, by design, experts at communication and coordination. Then, in the third dimension, Critical Thinking, we analyze the energy production in artificial photosynthesis and see how it compares to photosynthesis in nature. We realize that the biological and physical systems that human beings have mimicked have been designed with perfection and have been operating flawlessly for centuries without fail or interruption. In the fourth dimension, Meditative Thinking, we realize that when we look closely at the Earth’s energy systems, we can see the signs of their Creator within them. We can thus see that causes and nature are not the sources of the Earth’s energy since they are not intelligent, conscious, or powerful self-sustaining beings. Finally, in the fifth dimension, the Moral Thinking dimension, we invite readers to be conscious of the incredible abundance of energy that we receive at every moment and reflect on the virtues of unconditional love and gratitude.
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It is a unique approach to read the universe like an elegant book. It is a new way of understanding science to strengthen your belief and establish sound character.
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